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What is a PBX Phone System and how does it work?

pbx phone system

You might be asking, what exactly is a PBX Phone System and how does it work? PBX phone systems are otherwise called private branch exchanges. It is a private telephone system that is used within an organization. Users can communicate internally and also worldwide using a range of communication channels including voice-over IP, ISDN, and […]

Best PBX Phone Systems

best pbx phone system

What are your best PBX Phone Systems?   PBX phone systems are offered by many providers including Cisco, Freshcaller, Blueface, Net2phone, Cloudtalk, and Formulated IT Groups. FITG are one of the best PBX phone systems suppliers & installers in Gauteng and Cape Town. We have a simplified approach to empowering the lives of our clients […]

Advantages of a Cloud Hosted PBX System

cloud hosted pbx system

What are the advantages of a Cloud Hosted PBX System?   Being an enterprise, you may have an idea on your mind whether to switch Cloud hosted PBX Systems from your traditional phone system. Here are some of the benefits of choosing cloud-hosted PBX.   Cost Saving Samsung & Grandstream Cloud hosted PBX Systems The […]

PBX Systems for every business


a PBX System for every size business   All businesses need direct incoming and outgoing telephone calls. This can be achieved through the traditional call system or PBX (Private Branch Exchange). PBX is a type of hardware that connects the phone systems within the business. The PBX systems available for business include traditional PBX, hosted […]

Guide to Buying a PBX Telephone System

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Buying a modern PBX telephone system is an important process for any business, the incoming voice of a business often drives the first impression for any customer or supplier and it is critical to make it a favorable one.   PBX telephone system has numerous components and proper planning is essential when you are preparing […]

How do I choose the right PBX System for my Business?

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Choosing the right PBX System One of the powerful mantras of a growing business is retaining your customers. Since telecommunications systems are evolving every year, many companies are starting to adopt modern digital technology by replacing their old phone. Choosing the right phone system requires clever planning, but the cost consumption and flexibility of PABX […]