Guide to Buying a PBX Telephone System

pabx switchboard system

Buying a modern PBX telephone system is an important process for any business, the incoming voice of a business often drives the first impression for any customer or supplier and it is critical to make it a favorable one.


PBX telephone system has numerous components and proper planning is essential when you are preparing to buy, replace, or update your existing PBX system to avoid downtime and disruptions.


Questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a PBX telephone system

  • How many users should a system accommodate?
  • How many users should have access to the telephone system/handset?
  • Does your office have an existing telephone cabling or will you require a new telephone cabling?
  • Does your workplace have BT/Gamma/VOIP already in place or do you require new connectivity along with your PBX system?

grandstream pbx system


 Which PBX system is best for my office?


The PBX hardware provider will assist you in choosing the right PBX telephone system according to your requirements and budget. Most brands offer similar features. It is important to understand what your needs are to get the right PBX switchboard that is suitable for you and your business needs. We currently work with Samsung & Grandstream PBX Telephone Systems



IP or Analog PBX phone system?

Traditional analog PBX telephone solutions will work at its best in standard installations without any additional add-on features. Analog systems work well in all standard environments and end-users may not know whether you are using an IP or Analog based phone. If cost and simple functionalities are your key factors, it is best to go for an analog PBX phone system.


Below are the pros and cons of using an IP PBX based system



  • We can program the extension numbers remotely and these extension numbers will continue even when you move around the building.
  • You can easily maintain and program remotely to ensure maximum uptime.
  • You need not re-cable the entire building if you can leverage the existing computer network. Thus it saves more cost and time.
  • You can make use of most sophisticated integration features in unified PBX communications including softphones.
  • You can seamlessly transfer calls within multiple sites, branches, or over WANs.



  • Cost is higher than the analog system.
  • You should purchase a VLAN switching element to segment voice and data over the IP network.


Types of switchboard phones and handsets available for a business


pbx phone systems

The modern PBX telephone system has a wide range of corded and cordless handsets. It is essential to discuss with your PBX consultant on the type of phone that suits your business and why? This step is very important for cost savings as you may even be able to use your existing headsets.





Types of PBX headsets include:

  • Common phones/headsets
  • Digital phones or headsets with caller identification
  • Receptionist phones
  • Cordless phones
  • Conference phones
  • DECT cordless headsets & more


Before choosing unified communication telephone system, make sure you have consulted with PBX consultant about:

  • PBX connectivity and availability
  • Access to a new building
  • User setup
  • Calling
  • Number porting and others


All the above factors should be considered while buying a PBX system in 2020.

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