PBX Systems for every business


a PBX System for every size business


All businesses need direct incoming and outgoing telephone calls. This can be achieved through the traditional call system or PBX (Private Branch Exchange). PBX is a type of hardware that connects the phone systems within the business. The PBX systems available for business include traditional PBX, hosted PABX, and IP PABX.

The traditional and IP are hosted and maintained inside the office premises. These are called on-site PABX systems. The hosted PBX is offsite or cloud. It is maintained by an external company that you will pay for the services. Hosted PBX makes use of voice over internet protocol or VoIP.


Traditional PBX

The traditional PBX makes use of analog wires or PRI copper circuits. A traditional PABX is the most reliable system that allows the communication to be conducted on the dedicated lines with top voice quality. Adding an additional connection to traditional PBX is pretty difficult as it involves physical wiring. So traditional PABX is suitable for small offices that have wirings already in place. If you have all the equipment in place then it is a less expensive solution.

The traditional PABX equipment has its own cost as all the maintenance is provided on-premise. If the business does not have a resource to troubleshoot the PABX system, it will cost additional charges if you hire an independent contractor to troubleshoot your system.


The IP PBX functions uses VoIP. This functions in such a manner that all the information will be passed through phone communication with the data connections and that relies on Internet protocol. IP PBX is less expensive than traditional PBX especially when you make many long duration calls.

Since it is an on-premise PABX, all software and hardware costs should be incurred by the business and they should also bear the installation expenses. The cost may be paid up-front for leasing arrangements. The cost can be negotiated if possible.

In IP PBX, the ability to make calls will be lost if internet connection is down. If your business cannot maintain a reliable internet connection, then you cannot rely on an IP PABX system. So if that is the case, it is better to have analog circuits for backup in case of WAN outage.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PABX is an IP PABX system that is provided by an external offsite VoIP company. Since an off-site company is hosting your PABX system, monthly fees need to be paid. The two ways how monthly fees can benefit a small business: hosted PABX provides unlimited free calls even to certain locations across the globe. Unlike the on-premise IP PABX system, a hosted PABX system does not need initial investment on software installation or equipment, but you need to purchase your handsets. The best-recommended way to choose hosted PBX is to choose the provider who is also offering a data connection.



Since all the options available, choosing the right PBX system requires a considerable amount of time. You should also research the phone service provider, offered services, and pricing you need to pay for the service they provide.




a PBX System for every business