Advantages of a Cloud Hosted PBX System

cloud hosted pbx system

What are the advantages of a Cloud Hosted PBX System?


Being an enterprise, you may have an idea on your mind whether to switch Cloud hosted PBX Systems from your traditional phone system. Here are some of the benefits of choosing cloud-hosted PBX.


Cost Saving Samsung & Grandstream Cloud hosted PBX Systems

The Cloud Hosted PBX System does not require hardware because the entire system can be handled on cloud. From the service provider’s perspective, the cost is being shared by thousands of other users which will significantly lower the per subscription cost as compared to fixed lines.


Time Saving PBX Systems

In a typical PBX system, you may need to order hardware, book a technician appointment to analyze call flow before the installation. This may take more than a week or a month. In contrast, cloud hosted PBX systems makes it very easy and simple. Provisioning is made almost and it is implemented in Graphical User Interface(GUI) which can be accessed on a desktop computer. You can simply add 20 lines very easily in a single click. You can also save your time in maintenance and upgrades since the provider will maintain a dedicated team to ensure that their customers experience no downtime.

cloud hosted pabx systems

You can make use of your old phones

Some companies do not want to disrupt their usual work progress. Hence cloud hosted PBX systems allows them to use the existing system in a few simple clicks. If your existing legacy system supports SIP, trunk, and VoIP, then you don’t need to purchase new hardware. a Cloud Hosted PBX system can easily integrate with existing infrastructure and provides an interface to route the calls. It allows users to make calls cheaper by choosing cheaper VoIP routes and give your organization a wider reach.



A Cloud PBX system allows us to connect anywhere across the globe by using a smartphone with a VoIP system, VoIP phone, or desktop of any manufacturer. This facility allows your employees to work anywhere by using the same office number and their preferred device.

You can also flip the calls from the office phone to your smartphone to answer calls in transit. This flexibility allows your customers to connect you through virtual or toll-free numbers to your cloud PBX to receive calls in remote locations or offices. View Formulated IT Group’s PBX Systems on offer


cloud hosted pbx systems

Extraordinary features

There are no limits on features in cloud-hosted PBX even when you use the basic equipment. With cloud-hosted PBX in place, you can access all additional features with no extra cost. The features include time conditions, call recording, voice menu, call control, wallboards, queue maintenance, and many more features.  These features will be available on the display board where it gets updated periodically and new features get added along with existing ones.




Improved high-quality voice calls

The better Quality of Service(QOS), high internet speeds, and the best comparison rate have improved communication over the internet. Before the installation of the VoIP system, the provider will have to test your internet connection and provide the best VoIP solution for your location. Cloud-hosted PBX provides you an excellent and high quality call over the internet. We offer systems from Grandstream & Samsung at very affordable rates

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