PABX Telephone System Features

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PABX Telephone System – Features & Benefits For Your Business


A telephone system plays a crucial role in any business. It provides several time-efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business’s communication needs. It effectively bridges the gap between your business and your potential or existing customers. However, with more and more telephone systems available in today’s market, choosing the right telephone system in Gauteng nowadays can be a challenging task. Investing time searching for the right telephone system in Gauteng can save you lots of headaches in the long run.


PABX Telephone System in Gauteng

PABX telephone systems are one of the most popular options and for good reasons. PABX system basically allows businesses to enjoy their own telephone network. The aim was to enable rerouting of phone calls between different points within an organization. Phone calls made between different phones within the business are usually free of charge.


Features of a PABX Telephone System

PABX Automated operations

The PBX system is a system that requires a system administrator, whose sole responsibility is to receive telephone calls and redirect them to the relevant office. That system, however, is outdated. Nowadays, the PABX automated system allows everything to work automatically, thereby reducing expenses and cutting down on wasted time.

Fewer communication expenses

The PABX system is the preferred telephone system in Gauteng by businesses primarily due to the fact that it doesn’t require an operator. This by itself dramatically reduces operating costs. However, newer PABX systems also eliminate the need for multiple telephone lines. This equals less money spent on installation, maintenance, and various subscription expenses.

PABX System flexibility

A huge benefit of implementing PABX into your company is the flexibility factor. One can downsize or upsize the network, without ever affecting the system’s performance. PABX telephone systems have proved successful in serving small and large businesses.

VoIP Incorporation 

With traditional telephone systems, in-house phones would all be connected to a certain switchboard. This board is responsible for the routing of calls. Operators were then successfully replaced by a system that automatically directed calls when needed. The later emergence of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) further developed the system. It ultimately became a system that one could operate virtually.

SIP Trunking

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Included in the phone system is the so-called SIP trunking. The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows one to use the VoIP service even outside of the office, all through an internet connection. With SIP,  you’re able to connect to a standard PSTN and various mobile phone networks without any expensive ISDN lines.

Due to the fact that phone calls take place through a network, SIP allows phone calls to get much cheaper. In addition, SIP lets you still use your old phone system with the added advantages of VoIP services.


PABX – A Telephone System in Gauteng that Benefits your Business

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As mentioned, PABX telephone systems offer various beneficial services for businesses. Through this modern telephone system in Gauteng, you can rest assured that your organization possesses the leading communications support services. Your business will enjoy effective and cost-efficient call-management solutions.

With PABX, your business will experience an efficient use of phone system resources, as well as a well-structured internal operation. Ultimately, this will lead to a dramatic boost in your company’s productivity. Not to mention the added efficiency to your company’s customer service.


In a world where businesses are becoming more and more competitive, it is essential to always keep your company ahead. An efficient and professional telephone system in Gauteng can help your business achieve just that. Providing world-class customer support to your customers could be the deciding factor between success and failure.

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