Manage a Remote Team with PABX Systems

Manage a Remote Team with PABX Systems

Manage a Remote Team with PABX Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of businesses to shift their operations to total work from home. This situation gave people a very little time to adapt to the work from home culture. For managers and business leaders, the quick transition was their greatest challenge. Many find it challenging to manage the remote team by also adjusting to their changes in their personal life and business. With PABX solutions, the company can remove the hindrances in remote working such as providing clear communication though whatever may be the scenario is. Manage a remote team with PABX Systems is so much easier & cost effective


Manage a Remote Team with PBX Systems


Some of the challenges that affect the remote teams include:

The managers need to understand that the challenges faced by remote workers are not the same as in the office. Remote work needs proper support and without it, even the high performers will give low productivity. Below are the challenges that affect remote workers.

Less supervision

Managers often think that remote workers will not work the same way they work in the office environment. Many workers would struggle to adapt to distant management.

Isolated working

Introverted colleagues will enjoy working remotely but vibrant team members will find it difficult to work alone and isolated. Even though there are no socializing hours during work time, the feeling of isolation will prevail among employees and they may feel disconnected from the organization so it is good to address through proper communication.


The new transition of working from home is a balance between home and work so one has to be mindful of the challenges in their new world.

Access or data unavailability

Remote work adaptation takes time and new ways of communication need to be identified. The information has to be located and new technologies are to be learned so the tasks will take more time for completion and stress level will be above normal.


Manage a Remote Team with PABX Systems


Some of the ways to manage a remote team with PABX Systems

  • To support remote teams it is good to interact with team members daily and schedule daily check-ins. It is good to conduct virtual social events to boost their morale and avoid the feeling of isolation.
  • Instead of focusing on the work activity of individuals, it is good to keep track of their goals achieved which helps to build trust and find the individual needs.
  • Having clear expectations will help the team members to work on their goals. Keeping web tools in handy for call, web meeting, and chat will ease the remote working. This is possible with the PABX system which makes work from home much simpler and effective.
  • Some of the features the PABX system offers are one-click setup, set business hours to receive calls, business applications for mobile, call routing, call conferencing, live feed, and more.