A Complete Guide to Upgrading Your PABX System in 2020

A Complete Guide to Upgrading Your PABX System in 2020

A Complete Guide to Upgrading Your PABX System in 2020

Upgrading your PABX System in 2020 is an essential process in modern business as the incoming voice calls often creates the first impression for your clients or supplier. There are 3 PABX systems available; they are small, medium & large. The small PABX system is suitable for 1 to 4 staff, medium PABX system is suitable for 5 to 30 staff and a large PABX system is suitable for 31 to 200+ staff. It is important to ensure that the PABX system has numerous components and different setup options so it is good to plan before updating, change, or move your system. This will help your business to avoid downtime or disruptions in your organization.


A Complete Guide to Upgrading Your PABX System in 2020


Things to plan before upgrading your PABX System

  • How many users will use PABX systems in your company? How many users require a headset or device or smartphone PABX application and how many users have access to one?
  • Does your office have existing cabling or do you require new PABX cabling?
  • Does your office have existing landline connectivity or do you require VoIP connectivity with your upgraded VoIP PBX system?

Once you have answers to the above questions, you can start upgrading to meet the exact needs and the features required by your company.


Upgrading your PABX system

  • The major cost component of the PABX system is infrastructure, labor, and cabling that are required to make the PABX system within the organization. Number porting, access to large buildings, and cabling amongst are other issues when considering a new PBAX solution or system relocation.
  • There is a wide range of cordless and corded headsets; it is important to discuss with your consultant about your employees’ PABX system and why? This will help in cost savings and also help in reusing the existing handsets.


Some of the PABX phone headsets include

  • Analog phone headsets
  • Digital headset phones
  • Cordless phones
  • Corded phone
  • Conference phones
  • IP headsets
  • DECT cordless headsets and more


If your organization grows in size or staff, purchasing the PABX system outright will make your business accept updates or changes. The update will further incur more cost, but when you are renting a PABX system will make a simple adjustment in renting cost.

A Complete Guide to Upgrading Your PBX System in 2020


Renting a PABX system will offer numerous advantages including the option to add changes to the telephone requirements of your business, and provide more flexibility to add or remove features. As PABX solution needs to be updated regularly as they age and technology keeps changing and also ensuring the company has access to the modern telephone systems. There are on-premise PABX systems and cloud-based VoIP systems are available for rentals.

By renting the PABX system, you can request add-ons to the telephone system as your business grows. Therefore renting your PABX system will make your PABX upgrade easier.

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