Changing How Customers Experience Service

Formulated IT Group started our journey in 2008 with the intention to change the way customers experienced service. The management team has over 150 years of experience and is constantly looking at the most innovative ways to assist our customers with their business & ICT requirements.

From Small Business to Parastatal
we have a solution for you

With our head office routed in JHB south we strive to cover JHB and with our strategically placed offices, we have managed to cover all regions.

We have offices in the west & east of JHB and with a level 2 BEE, we can cater to all types of market segments from professionals, SME’s, mid to large corporates and parastatals.

Formulated IT Group took the stance to be a multi brand vendor early on so that we could offer our customers choice and ensure that we implement the correct solutions.

We have taken the time to understand the strengths of all our partners to guarantee that not only the most effective solution, but that the correct one is implemented.

Our trained sales staff backed by product managers and technical specialists certify that we will be able to customise every solution to tackle every need and problem your business faces in this vast ever-changing IT and ICT space.

We strive to not only innovate but more importantly provide solutions that allow you to manage and grow your business.

We don’t want to be a supplier but rather a partner that deeply understands your business so that we not only grow with you but continue to evolve for you.