Virtual Team Communication with PABX: What Is It?

Virtual Team Communication with PABX

Virtual Team Communication with PABX

Virtual team communication with PABX is the way people interact with others remotely. It is commonly used by organizations to communicate within the office and outside the office. The most common communication channels popular among companies are instant messaging applications like slack and WhatsApp, video conferencing applications, email clients, project management tools, social media, and phone systems.

It is very important to make communication right when you are in remote locations. If you are making business calls as a part of the virtual call center or conducting team discussions, effective business communication matters the most for any company.



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Why Virtual Team Communication with PABX?

Virtual team communication with PABX Systems plays a major role in employee productivity. When your team can communicate well among themselves, they get the job done without waiting for long hours.

Poor communication among teams will also increase the chances of mistakes in the delivery. Many companies lose their customers due to issues in internal communication. A study states that about 30% of companies miss an important deadline due to improper communication between team members.

With virtual team communication with PABX, the reliable remote staff can join the virtual meeting to discuss the sensitive tasks. Managing a remote team is not always easy. The tools may be less effective and your staff may interact less than in the office location. This will be very common if they have never worked remotely before.


Top challenges faced by remote working teams

Some of the challenges faced by organizations when they are working remotely.

  1. Many staff will be working in different time zones especially if the teams are distributed across the globe. This will become the greatest challenge to virtually communicate.
  2. You cannot pick up the tone of the sender through a text message, so team members cannot handle the severity of the tasks to be done.
  3. The company culture disappears when working from home since there will not be any team outings, and you cannot give real-time feedback to your co-worker. You will be missing face-to-face communication.
  4. Working from home has many distractions from family members, pets, and attending package deliveries.
  5. It is pretty time-consuming and confusing to set up virtual communication tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and phone systems.
  6. Working in remote locations will make you feel isolated. People who enjoy collaborating with team members and form relationships will miss the vibrancy.

virtual team communication with pabx

Best practices

Some of the best practices that can be followed for virtual team communication are:

  • It is crucial to managing a team and not technology. If we have all the essential tools in place, we can manage all technical related activity but it is important to manage team members and get the task done.
  • Teaching cultural awareness among team members is important as they can prevent the cultural problems impacting the working from home.
  • Setting up frequent team meetings like weekly video calls, discussion every morning, and conducting internal demos.
  • Find the right channels for remote communication.
  • Instead of monitoring employee activity, it is good to measure results.
  • Document things, clarify doubts in tasks and processes.