Best PBX Phone Systems

best pbx phone system

What are your best PBX Phone Systems?


PBX phone systems are offered by many providers including Cisco, Freshcaller, Blueface, Net2phone, Cloudtalk, and Formulated IT Groups. FITG are one of the best PBX phone systems suppliers & installers in Gauteng and Cape Town. We have a simplified approach to empowering the lives of our clients by offering technology and connectivity with stability and reliability.


Best features of Formulated IT group PBX Phone Systems

Best-in-class VoIP

Our VoIP platform is built using a fiber backbone that ensures the users connect anywhere across the globe.

Multiple options

Our multi-vendor methodology provides users a choice of experiencing fully customizable solutions for your business.

Global partners

We have partnered with global leaders like Samsung and Grandstream to ensure that we offer PBX Solutions that work for your business.

Reduce cost

Our PBX solutions offers full-fledged telephony solutions that cover all aspects of your business.

Empowering business

Formulated IT groups allow you to use the port number, so you can move anywhere across the globe. Low call rates will empower your business.

Uptime and accountability

Our PBX Solutions ensures the users experience consistent uptime and seamless integration with your business.


  • Provides numerous options
  • Built to suit your business
  • Reduce control and best control

Some of Our PBX products:


best pbx phone systems


To experience an uninterrupted calling experience, contact us for expert advice for the best PBX Solutions.

Before choosing a PBX solution, you need to ensure the stability, bandwidth and cost.

Some of the questions you need to find answers for picking the right PBX solution.

  • Will you be able to add lines and functionality on a per need basis to support business growth?
  • Is it easy to change your plan based on your needs?
  • Whether your provider has an option for direct connection or it is a service over a public internet?
  • What is the billing structure or pricing?
  • How about the contract period?
  • Whether you need to buy a telephone?
  • Do you need to pay additional fees for support?
  • How long has the service provider been in business?
  • What is the reputation for their customer service?
  • Does your phone system offer the features you need?
  • Is it easy to implement and use?
  • What are the customization options available for your business?
  • Whether it meets the company’s needs?


Answering the above questions will help you to choose the Best PBX Phone System for your business.

How do I choose the right PBX System?