How do I choose the right PBX System for my Business?

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Choosing the right PBX System

One of the powerful mantras of a growing business is retaining your customers. Since telecommunications systems are evolving every year, many companies are starting to adopt modern digital technology by replacing their old phone. Choosing the right phone system requires clever planning, but the cost consumption and flexibility of PABX systems cannot be ignored.

Before choosing a PBX system, ask yourself: do I reap benefits from the current traditional PBX system or should I choose a modern hosted PBX system? If I don’t choose a modern PBX system, will my business stay current and relevant or if I adopt, will I lose business control? Taking decisions could be a daunting task, to make it easier we have pointed out some questions that help you to choose the right option for your business.

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What is your employee’s strength?

If you are a small business with an employee strength of less than 40, a traditional PBX system is the best option. In contrast, if you are a small business with fewer employees and have minimal needs for modern technologies or functionalities, a hosted system would suit the business.


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Do you plan to grow your business?

If you are planning to hire more employees, a good telephone is important to meet your business needs, but it should also continue to serve your business as it grows.

For evolving business, hosted PBX will be more flexible and scalable. It also provides security, mobility, and business growth when compared with traditional PBX Telephony Systems.  a Traditional PBX system is very expensive to install, add new users, and replace existing users.


What is your PBX investment?

Modern PBX systems are available in two variants on-site and hosted. On-site PBX includes the cost for hardware, licensing, and installation.

Hosted PBX is comparatively lower in cost since you don’t spend on software, core hardware, and equipment as it requires for the on-site PBX.


Do your employees work remotely?

If your employees work remotely, most of the phone calls will be made using cell phones, skype, etc. If your business has a cloud phone system, remote employees can handle their VoIP numbers for contacting customers and for their home office. They also can maintain a consistent number and service functionality.


How fast and reliable is your office internet connection?

If you have a modern phone system deployed in your office, you don’t need to worry about having an internet connection that supports your phone system. As high-speed internet connectivity with good download and upload speed is easily available for many small businesses, this would be an excellent opportunity for online businesses.

A simple internet connection will not necessarily do the job, it is also important to ensure connectivity and hosting.


pbx phone systems


PABX Telephony System Conclusion: 

  • A Hosted (cloud) PABX has no hardware required, cloud managing, portable, and scalable.
  • It requires low maintenance, good call quality, low setup, which can be upgraded when the need arises.
  • Low setup costs.
  • You can shift offices anywhere and set up the phone when your new broadband is available.
  • Remote maintenance from a service provider is an added benefit
  • You can rent any number of user extensions with one centralized system with advanced functionalities and features.
  • There is no specific maintenance contract. All software updates and system maintenance is done centrally with no additional cost.

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